MPG's Partners

For the period of its existence on the research market MPG LLC has accumulated significant experience in characterizing events appearing at different consumer markets. Many renowned companies apply to the experience MPG's specialists, and some of them have become permanent partners of the Association.

On May 2011 MPG LLC became the exclusive representative of one of the most respectedorganizations for Public Opinion Research - Gallup International Association. Membership in such prestigious and world-renowned organizations as Gallup International Association opens new horizons for marketing and sociological research not only in Armenia but also in the Transcaucasian region.

Today our partner/customer geography covers Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, France, Georgia, Netherlands, USA, Poland, Finland, etc.
MPG cooperates with foreign embassies, international research centers and organizations, including Gallup International Association, ESOMAR, Eurasian Monitor (Moscow), BeeLine (Yerevan, Moscow), Beaujolais (Moscow), Indepts (Moscow), Kvantek (Moscow), Gamma (Tbilisi), Romir, TNC (Moscow), Market Sense (Moscow), Norman Russia (Moscow), ACT (Tbilisi), the U.S. Embassy, USAID, UNDP, ULTEX Market Research (Moscow), NOMAND GROUP (Moscow), Mico.Ink. (Saint-Petersburg).

Other MPG partners are:

• Russian Marketing Association
• Editorials of  "Marketer" and "PR in Russia"
• Mico Inc., the publisher of the journal «Russian Food and Drinks Market»
• The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
• BAS (EU)
• Cambridge Yerevan Sister City Association (Boston, MA)
• International Center for Trade Policy and Law of Georgia (ICTPL)
• Azerbaijan Marketing Society
• Eurasia Foundation - Program for Cooperation in South Caucasus
• The Willard Group  (Ukraine)
• Netherlands Institute of Marketing (NIMA)
• Institute for Promotion of Development Economics Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WIFI)
ETCN - Education and Training Center of the Netherlands, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Institute for Economic Promotion

• MDC (Finland)
• Turkish-Armenian Business Development Council (Turkey-Armenia)
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia
• The Armenian Development Agency
• Chamber of Commerce of Armenia
• National Centre for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (Armenia)
• World Bank
• Russian Embassy in Armenia
• U.S. Embassy in Armenia
• U.S. State Department, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs