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MPG's Structure

MPG LLC is comprised of 4 departments:

1. Department of Consulting and Research

Specializes in providing marketing consultation, market and sociological research, developing business plans and marketing strategies, finding partners in Armenia and abroad. The Department implements projects for private companies and businesses, factories, public organizations, foreign embassies and international organizations in Armenia, as well as for governmental agencies and ministries. Also projects are commissioned for the European agencies and the U.S. Government.

2. Publishing House

This Department publishes catalogues ("Armenia Export Catalog", "South Caucasian Export Catalog", etc.), promotional materials (booklets, brochures, etc.), information leaflets. The Department issues promotional and information literature, databases of  organizations of Armenia (CD),  business directories, etc. Also, this Department prepares and places information at web-resources, information and reference materials for exhibitions and fairs abroad promoting the development of business culture, institute of marketing and marketing communications.

In a word, this Department is a mobile mini-printing house of the Association. The documentaries of AMA  (such as "On the bank of  Arax") are also made at this Department.

3. Department of Education

This Department is responsible for conducting training courses for specialists in marketing. Since 2002  the Association conducts training programs such as NIMA (in cooperation with the Netherlands Institute of Marketing)- a program for beginners in marketing  and WIFI (Institute for Development Assistance Economics of Austrian Federal Economic Chamber)- a program for marketing, management, finance and logistics, which also includes a subgroup for participants from spheres of construction and energy.

In addition, the Association implements corporate trainings for various companies, short-term courses, training and coaching of marketing specialists and heads of marketing departments.

4. Department of Information and Communication

The Department is responsible for managing various PR and advertising campaigns, presentations, exhibitions promoting companies, any product or service. The Department implements thematic and press conferences, seminars and other similar events. It is also responsible for developing ideas and projects aimed at promoting products and services.
The Department has already implemented more than 40 such events which have successfully influenced the development of many companies engaged.