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Main activities

Armenian Marketing Association NGO was founded in 2002 in order to develop the institute of marketing and marketing communications in Armenia.  Association's main activities are:

  • consultation on marketing issues in order to improve  business processes in Armenian companies
  • conducting market and social researches of Armenian markets in order to develop them
  • searching and finding partners both in Armenia and abroad to ensure favorable relationship between Armenian and foreign businesses
  • managing and implementationing promotion projects for Armenian products and services both in Armenia and abroad
  • preparing and publishing advertising information materials for lighting country’s investment climate

This activity has the following directions:

1.Consulting and Research

Qualitative and quantitative surveys both for social and commercial projects. Our costomers are manufacturers of food products and drinks, companies, NCOs, Embassies and international organisations working in Armenia.
Projects and researches are implemented using different marketing methods: field surveys, interviews with a standardized questionnaire, in-depth and expert interviews, focus groups, telephone interviews using CATI and CAPI software, holl tests and others.
The Association has relevant practice in such fields as education, medicine, state management, anti-corruption research, energy, marketing analysis of cellular and cigarette markets, monitoring studies (Eurasian monitor), study of indicators of democracy and governance, product testing, packaging, branding, advertising materials, etc. (see Projects)

This department specializes in providing advice on marketing, business, management, economics and many other issues. Consultations are carried out through seminars on issues requiring consideration of topics.

This is one of the services of the Armenian Marketing Association implemented in partnership with MPG LLC. This service is very relevant and necessary as nowadays  business planning is essential for business efficiency.

The presence of competent and effective marketing strategy is essential for functioning and development of enterprises, so the Association includes in the range of its services the development of  marketing policy which is a logical continuation of the research.

As a part of consulting activities the Association is engaged in promotion of business and accompaniment of projects such as opening of representative offices of foreign companies in Armenia, franchising, etc. - on the one hand, and seeking foreign partners for Armenian companies - on the other. These services contribute to the establishment and consolidation of friendly relations between Armenian and foreign business.

2.    Publishing activities

"Armenia Export  Catalog", "South Caucasian Export Catalog"
Design and Advertising (promotional materials, brochures, design decisions)
Web resources

This Department issues promotional and information literature, databases of Armenian organizations, business directories of organizations of Armenia, a quarterly information-analytical magazine on marketing development in Armenia through which we highlight the country's investment climate and its business opportunities. Also this department prepares and places information at web-resources, information and reference materials for exhibitions and fairs abroad aimed at developing business culture,  institute of marketing and marketing communications. In a word, this department is a mobile mini-printing house of the Association.

3.    Trainings for marketing professionals in collaboration with ETCN - Education and Training Center of the Netherlands, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Institute for Economic Promotion.

Since 2002 Armenian Marketing Association conducts various training programs in marketing: 

NIMA- training program for beginners in different areas wishing to acquire basic practical and theoretical knowledge in marketing (in cooperation with the Netherlands Institute of Marketing)
WIFI - program on marketing, management, finance and logistics. The program also includes a subgroup of participants for construction and energy (in cooperation with the Institute for the Development of Economics Austrian Federal Economic Chamber).

In addition, the Association holds other courses:
Corporate trainings for companies
• Short courses on marketing 
Retraining and coaching
marketing specialists and heads of marketing departments

4.    Development programs and grants, among them:

Armenia Export Catalog"
"South Caucasian Export Catalog"
Anti-corruption projects
Projects to ensure information accessibility

All programs carried out by the Association are aimed at promoting the development of Armenia, its growth economically, and socially.

5. Information and Communications:

Organize and conduct PR and advertising companies
Organize special events
Presentations and exhibitions

This Department has already implemented more than 40 such events that have successfully influenced the development of many companies involved in them.

Activities undertaken by Armenian Marketing Association extend to its subsidiary MPG LLC.