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Armenian Marketing Association is a public organization that was founded by a group of marketers in 2002.  At that time the main activities of the Organization were qualitative and quantitative research and professional marketing advice. Successfully working in this field for 8 years the range of Association's services has expanded (see Main activities).

Prerequisite for establishment of the Association was the attempt to develop marketing and management communications in Armenia as well as to support small and medium businesses with marketing tools.
Marketing  in Armenia was at the early stage of its development. Marketing was applied only in 10-15% of companies using outdated methods. Despite the fact that the market experienced rapid increase in the number of companies offering marketing services, their technical and theoretical bases were quite weak. In addition, few companies understood the benefits and importance of marketing willing to pay for professional services. Therefore the priority for Armenian Marketing Association was striving for raising the level of understanding of the relevance and importance of marketing among businessmen.

Members of the Association until its foundation were marketing practitioners working in different spheres of economy, production and services. Since 1999, they cooperated with professional editions of "Marketer" and "PR in Russia" for  implementation of business culture in the country. During 2002-2003 the Association's specialists implemented several projects; most vivid and famous was the "Armenia Export Catalog".
In 2003 the company MPG was founded which is the consulting partner of the Association. The company was created to facilitate the rapid growth of competition in the market and meet unmet needs in professional analysis and research arising from this growth. Company MPG – the subsidiary of the Association - is involved in many projects and programs undertaken by the Association.

Armenian Marketing Association also cooperates with marketing associations of other countries: Russian Marketing Association, the Ukrainian «The Willard Group», Associations of Georgia and Azerbaijan, etc. Among Association's partners are local and foreign professional companies (find more at Partners).

Association has carried out about 300 research and consulting projects, as well as a number of effective development programs. Association has for a long time, different training programs of professional development of theoretical and practical skills. In cooperation with the Netherlands Institute of Marketing (NIMA) and the Education and Training Centre of Netherlands (ETCN) Armenian Marketing Association became the official partner of ETCN and won the right to conduct training programs accredited by NIMA and the European Marketing Confederation. The first course for professionals and marketing managers was conducted in October 2007. The program was attended by 31 participants from various areas including banking system, small and medium business, hotel industry, private sector. Certificate ceremony was held at the Golden Tulip hotel on 21st June 2008. The joint program of professional trainings for Armenian entrepreneurs and managers includes a trip to Austria. The duration of practical travel - 6 days. The trip includes visits to the factories of the world-renowned companies, business meetings with potential partners in several Austrian cities including Vienna.
Armenian Marketing Association is one of the few professional public organizations in Armenia successfully working in the field of marketing. Over the years the company was able to reach considerable heights and make significant contribution to the development of marketing and improving business culture in Armenia.