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The main mission of the Association is development of the institute of marketing and management in Armenia as well as raising awareness of the need and importance of using marketing tools by:
• establishing effective relationship between Armenian companies involved in marketing sector;
• providing highly qualified professional trainings;
• developing and strengthening partnership between Armenian and foreign companies /organizations.

Prior to the Association's foundation development of Institute of Marketing in Armenia was quite low as it was evidenced from the research that was conducted to determine the level of using marketing approach in Armenian companies. Low involvement of this institution in business was associated with the lack of information on the necessity and effectiveness of marketing communications. Even in recent years, despite the fact that the market has experienced rapid growth in the number of firms engaged in marketing and consulting, unfortunately only quantitative growth is provided.
Given the current situation, Armenian Marketing Association NGO, founded in 2002, in cooperation with commercial company MPG LLC seeks to expand the economic space of Armenia through marketing communications and filling the existing lack of information, improving the quality of professional marketing services and research.
Through the modern marketing tools Armenian Marketing Association helps to improve the efficiency of Armenian companies which will have positive impact on the level of business in the country and, therefore,  will allow the country to move for a new stage of its development.