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The main goals and objectives

Armenian Marketing Association NGO (AMA), founded in 2002, has conducted over 300 research projects and today is one of the leading NGOs in Armenia specializing in marketing and research services.

Major Goals and Objectives of AMA ensuring its success are:

• Development of the Institute of Marketing and Marketing Communications in Armenia
• Support for small and medium business in Armenia with the help of marketing tools
• Establishing partnership between Armenian and foreign companies
• Enhancing business relationships of Armenian companies involved in marketing
• Implementation of international standards for marketing and sociological research in Armenia
• Cooperation with foreign professional organizations
• Creating a database market in Armenia containing information on various markets and companies in Armenia
• Ensuring high level of professional marketing advice
• Conducting market and sociological research
• Conducting high-quality and relevant trainings 

Achieving these goals and objectives is ensured by following principles:

• Quality of information provided
• Completeness and accuracy of information
• Quick work
• Professional and creative approach to the work
• Attention to clietns' interests and causes
• Individual approach to each client
• High quality of all services
• Professionalism and competence of the staff

Armenian Marketing Association has serious and responsible attitude to its work always bearing responsibility for the quality of provided services.