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Consulting and ResearchPublishing ActivitiesEducationDevelopment Programs and GrantsInformation and Communication

Marketing advice



Armenia Export Catalog

Implementing PR and advertising campaigns

Market and social research



South Caucasian Export Catalog

Themed events

Business plans

Design and advertising


Anticorruption projects

Exhibitions and presentations

Searching partners in Armenia and abroad

Advertising information books

Other trainings

Ensuring information accessibility

Work shops, seminars, conferences

Developing marketing strategy


Armenian Marketing Association consists of 5 departments:

1. Department of Consulting and Research
Specializes in providing marketing consultations, marketing and sociological research, developing business plans and marketing strategy, finding partners in Armenia and abroad.
The Department implements projects for private companies and businesses, factories, NGOs, embassies, international organizations acting in Armenia, as well as for governmental agencies and ministries. Also projects are commissioned for the European Agency and the U.S. government.

2. Publishing Department
The scope of this department is publishing directories ("Armenia Export Catalog", "South Caucasian Export Catalog", etc.), various promotional materials (booklets, brochures, etc.)
The Department issues promotional and information literature, databases of organizations of Armenia (CD), business directories of organizations in Armenia through which highlights the country's investment climate and business opportunities.
Also, this department prepares and places information at web-resources, background information about exhibitions and fairs abroad aimed at developing the culture of doing business, institute of marketing, marketing communications and tools.
In a word, this department is a mobile mini-printing house of the Association. In addition, here we make our documentaries, such as the film about the Arax River  (in cooperation with the Turkish-Armenian Business Development Council).

3. Department of Education

This Department is responsible for conducting training courses for marketing specialists. Since 2002 the Association conducts various training programs such as NIMA-A - a program for beginners (in cooperation with the Netherlands Institute of Marketing) and WIFI - a program for marketing, management, finance and logistics. The program also includes a subgroup of participants for the construction industry and Energy (Institute for Promotion of Development Economics Austrian Federal Economic Chamber).
In addition, the Association implements corporate trainings for various companies, short-term courses  on marketing, training and coaching  of marketing specialists and heads of marketing departments.

4. Department of Development Programs and Grants

This is one of the major departments of Armenian Marketing Association implementing diverse grants and programs to support small and medium business in Armenia.
The work of this department is especially important, since it makes possible to present Armenia as a profitable and efficient business partner. The work of this department can identify the most topical issues in the development of Armenia and implement projects aimed at improving the current state.
The Association is engaged in anti-corruption projects, projects to ensure information accessibility, etc.
One of the brightest and most effective projects of the Department of Development is the project "Armenia Export Catalog" conceived to promote the Armenian exports. The positive dynamics that project recorded in all the years of its existence (increasing the number of the included companies, significant increase in circulation, expanding the geography of distribution, high demand for the Catalog) became the basis for a new project «South Caucasian Export Catalog».

5. Department of Information and Communications

The Department is responsible for organizing and conducting various PR and advertising campaigns, presentations and exhibitions for promotion of a company, product or service.
The Department implements thematic conferences, seminars, press conferences and other similar events. In addition, it is responsible for developing ideas and projects aimed at promoting products and services.
The Department has already implemented more than 40 events which have successfully influenced the development of many companies involved in them.