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Company description

Marketing Professional Group LLC (MPG)

In 2003 Armenian Marketing Association founded MPG LLC which is today its consulting partner. The company was created to respond to the permanent growth of demand for marketing services in Armenia and has appeared to meet the needs for professional analysis and research.
MPG is the subsidiary of the Association, it participates in many projects and programs undertaken by the Association.
The mission of MPG is to increase the economic space of Armenia through marketing communications (please refer to the "Mission of AMA")

The main goals and objectives of MPG LLC:

  • Support for small and medium business in Armenia with the help of marketing tools
  • Providing qualified professional trainings on marketing and management for specialists of different spheres; organization of related training courses
  • Establishing partnership between Armenian and foreign companies 
  • Enhancing business relationships of Armenian companies involved in marketing 
  • Implementation of international standards for market and sociological research in Armenia 
  • Creating Armenian Market Database containing information on various markets and companies in Armenia 
  • Ensuring high level of professional marketing advice 
  • Conducting high-quality trainings for professionals in the field of marketing 

MPG is a consulting company established by the Association, so the activities undertaken by Armenian Marketing Association extend to its subsidiary MPG (find more at Main activities). The company specializes in such services as:
• Searching and finding partners in Armenia and abroad to provide a supportive relationship between Armenian and foreign business;

• Professional trainings;

• PR and advertising campaigns to increase the competitiveness of organizations in local and foreign markets; 

• Preparation and implementation of projects aimed at promotion of products and services of Armenian business both in Armenia and abroad;

• Providing advice on marketing issues to improve business processes in Armenian companies.

Company's services are provided by professionals who have trained and retrained in Greece, USA, Russia, Austria, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, etc. and have experience of more than 15 years. Many of our experts headed marketing departments in consulting firms and worked as consultants at state institutions.

MPG’s consultants have experience at:
European Commission Delegation, Food Provision Project, Eurasia Foundation, OXFAM, TACIS, ProSME, SEMA, IATC, Sodeteg, IREX, INTERNEWS, ProMEDIA, US State Department ECA, World Learning, IESC Representation, ProMEDIA, CYSCA (Boston), ULTEX Market Research (Moscow), Mico.Ink. (Saint-Petersburg), World Bank, etc.