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Business plans

Development and justification of business plans is one of the services of Armenian Marketing Association implemented in partnership with MPG LLC. The Association is engaged in business planning, investment projects, initiation of product lines/services of many successful Armenian companies. This is very important and necessary as business planning is essential for effective business. Any business or company will achieve greater success in future if it knows exactly the plan of action, potential gains, losses and risks.
Armenian Marketing Association develops business plans for various businesses, companies and projects taking into account the following:
• Business Plan is the business card of investment project; it is prepared for the effective management and business planning and is one of the main tools of enterprise's management determining the effectiveness of its activities.
• In the market conditions and competition enterprises should be able to respond quickly and adequately to changes in the external environment and within the enterprise.
• Business Plan is a document that describes aspects of future business analyzing possible problems and finding/determining ways to solve them.
For Armenian producers business plan is a new type of planning. The objectives of business plans except opening a new business can be: revenue growth, increasing market share, customer satisfaction, accelerated turnover, creating new working places, etc.
A new project involves preliminary economic study of feasibility, subsequent planning of costs needed for their implementation and expected outcomes. The experts of the Association develop business plans that allow managers not only justify the need for development of an innovative project but also to embody it in prevailing market conditions.
Thus, having a business plan you will make your company more efficient and able to predict the situation more accurately. Armenian Marketing Association will be glad to help you with thisusing its practice and experience.