Development of marketing strategy

Competent and effective marketing strategy is essential for effective development of enterprises. Armenian Marketing Association provides a range of services for developing marketing strategy which is a logical continuation of research activities.
marketing strategy is carried out to consolidate existing principles of marketing activities based on the specifics of its functioning in a particular market sector. marketing strategy is a tool for influencing the formation of market prices. It is in this document that  used prices or discounts are submitted and economic significance and effectiveness of the company's marketing and advertising activities are defined. This is a document which defines the set of solutions related to pricing with the methods of promoting sales. In the marketing strategy is set out and justified the procedure for determining the prices for goods and services depending on the importance for a business or a company of such factors as installment sales, total sales, timing and methods of payment, importance of the buyer in the relevant market. This document is the basic document for implementation of marketing activities of the company and enables to justify the prices used for tax purposes.
marketing strategy fixes the following elements of marketing activities:
• Collection and analysis of marketing information;
• Conducting  promotional and trade-marketing activities, merchandising;
• Incentive programs for distributors and resellers;
• Relations with commercial agents and retail structures;
• Specific elements of marketing activities aimed at opinion leaders.

Thus,marketing strategy of the company includes commodity and pricing and promoting policies.
Armenian Marketing Association in cooperation with MPG LLC is ready to provide you all these services.
The services are provided by professionals who trained in Greece, USA, Russia, Austria, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, etc. All of them have appropriate experience for at least 15 years. Many of our staff headed marketing departments in various consulting firms or were consultants at the state institutions.

Our consultants worked with:
European Commission Delegation, Food Provision Project, Eurasia Foundation, OXFAM, TACIS, ProSME, SEMA, IATC, Sodeteg, IREX, INTERNEWS, ProMEDIA, US State Department ECA, World Learning, IESC Representation, ProMEDIA , CYSCA (Boston), Eurasian Monitor (Moscow), BeeLine (Yerevan, Moscow), Beaujolais (Moscow), Indepts (Moscow), Kvantek (Moscow), Gamma (Tbilisi), Romir, TNC (Moscow), Market Sense (Moscow ), Norman Russia (Moscow), ACT (Tbilisi), the U.S. Embassy, USAID, UNDP, ULTEX Market Research (Moscow), NOMAND GROUP (Moscow).