Implementing partnership in Armenia and abroad

Searching and finding partners for both Armenian and foreign companies in Armenia and abroad is one of the most important services provided by Armenian Marketing Association.
Through this service Armenian Marketing Association provides business support for various projects related to import and export of goods and services, franchising, opening of representative offices, etc. Providing information and documentation support to companies the Association is looking for partners for most optimal, efficient and productive cooperation which in turn may affect the overall level of economic development.

During these years Armenian Marketing Association has accumulated solid experience in this field working at "Armenia/South Caucasian Export Catalog". There are already real positive trends: today many Armenian companies have foreign partners and effectively cooperate with them. The Association is ready to share its experience for the successful development of your business, and hence the economy as a whole.

Most companies operating in Armenia do not have possibilities for searching and finding partners abroad firstly due to considerable financial costs, and secondly to the lack of trained marketing personnel. On the one hand, it becomes possible for Armenian businessmen who want to collaborate successfully with foreign companies without wasting time and efforts. The Association takes all the routine work for itself.

On the other hand, Armenian Marketing Association has a database of Armenian companies and is ready to assist foreign companies in finding necessary and reliable partners in Armenia.

Searching and establishing partnership is of great practical importance, and it is often due to the Association that establishment of effective partnership between Armenian and foreign business becomes possible.