Marketing advice

Department of Marketing Advice specializes in consulting, developing business plans and marketing strategies for enterprises.

Consultation  implemented in partnership with MPG LLC includes:
• Advice on Business and Management
• Advice for Foreign Economic issues
• Advice on how to identify competitors 
• Consultations on organizing presentations
• Consultations on organizing advertising campaigns
• Consultation on opening representative offices of foreign companies
• Advice on preparing business plans
• Advice on finding partners
• Advice on promotion of goods and services
• Consultation on development of economics
• Advice on marketing
• Advice on projects funded by International Programs
• Advice on sociological studies
• Advisory assistance in marketing and sales
• Advice on activity reorientation and strategic planning
• Advice on distribution of product samples and brochures

Consultations are carried out through seminars.  
As a result, you and your company can easily adapt to changing conditions of business, develop original and effective marketing strategies, improve the skills of your employees, improve the work of marketing units of your company and much more. You will be able to have  maximum information necessary for the success of your company.
The successfull results are guaranteed by professionals who have trained in Greece, the USA, Russia, Austria, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, etc. All of them have appropriate working experience for at least 15 years. Many of our staff headed marketing departments in various consulting firms, and worked as consultants at state institutions.

Our consultants have experience at following institutions:
European Commission Delegation, Food Provision Project, Eurasia Foundation, OXFAM, TACIS, ProSME, SEMA, IATC, Sodeteg, IREX, INTERNEWS, ProMEDIA, US State Department ECA, World Learning, IESC Representation, ProMEDIA, CYSCA (Boston), Eurasian Monitor (Moscow ), BeeLine (Yerevan, Moscow), Beaujolais (Moscow), Indepts (Moscow), Kvantek (Moscow), Gamma (Tbilisi), Romir, TNC (Moscow), Market Sense (Moscow), Norman Russia (Moscow), ACT ( Tbilisi), the U.S. Embassy, USAID, UNDP, ULTEX Market Research (Moscow), NOMAND GROUP (Moscow), Mico.Ink. (Saint Petersburg).