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South Caucasian Export Catalog

The positive dynamics recorded by the «Armenia Export Catalog»  (increasing number of included companies, significant growth in circulation, expanding the geography of distribution, high demand for the directory, etc.) served as a basis for a new project - «South Caucasusian Export Catalog »(www.scecatalog. org).

In this project, in addition to Armenia, take part Georgia - ICTPL and Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan Marketing Society.

Azerbaijan Marketing Society (AMS) was created on July 7, 2000 in Baku by professionals from marketing departments of various local and international companies operating in Azerbaijan. AMS is a non-governmental and non-profit organization.

International Center for Trade Policy and Law of Georgia (ICTPL) became independent and non-governmental organization in 2002 with support from Carleton University, Ottawa. Among the main objectives of the Centre is acceleration of the  term integration into the global economy, compliance with the principles of market economy and democratic processes in the formation of rational trade policy of Georgia.

In 2008 by the initiative of Armenian Marketing Association these organizations decided to join under a single project - "South Caucasian Export Catalog" which provides an opportunity to get acquainted with export potential of the whole region (South Caucasus) and serves as impetus for trade and economic development in the South Caucasian region. Thanks to trustful relationships between organizations as well as accumulated experience of the Association this project was implemented at the highest level.

The project idea was first presented in 2003 during the presentation of the Armenian Marketing Association at the First Regional Conference of IREX where the concept of "Armenia Export Catalog" was presented as a model «South Caucasian Export Catalog».
A prerequisite of this project was the fact that the development and growth of export potential of South Caucasian republics was rather slow. Despite of the fact that the countries of the region produce high-quality and competitive products, foreign markets do not have full and adequate information on the South Caucasian region and its export potential. As most of companies operating in Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan don't have possibility for searching and finding partners abroad (which in turn is associated with significant financial costs, lack of well-trained marketing personnel) this project seeks to combine capabilities of all export oriented companies that can influence the potential markets for products as well as creating long term relationships with foreign partners.
One of the main objectives of the project is to create dynamic database of companies and organizations operating in three South Caucasian republics and dissemination of available information in all potential markets. In addition, the goal is to create conditions for business contacts for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and to provide basis for further cooperation between South Caucasian republics. Specialists with high professional skills were involved to achieve the objectives of the project. Many of project's participants worked at "Armenia Export Catalog". It should be noted that all the work - from designing questionnaires for enterprises to developing its content - were conducted by specialists of Armenian Marketing Association. At the meetings in Georgia, and through consultations by e-mail specialists shared their experiences with their Georgian and Azerbaijani partners.

The Catalog includes about 300 companies with export potential (www.scecatalog.org). Publications were distributed in 100 countries. Like all previous projects (except the online version of the Catalog) this Catalog also has printed (6000) and CD versions (6000). The project was presented at the BIZNIS as well as at the regional conferences and forums. Assistance in distributing the directory was supported by: Swiss Cooperation and Development Office, OSCE, SECO, USAID.

"South Caucasian Export Catalog" was welcome by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, Armenian Development Agency, Ministry of Commerce and Economic Development, the U.S. Embassy in Armenia, the Russian Embassy in Armenia, CARD, DAI, UMBA, SME Development National Center, Corporate Research Centre NGO, World Vision Armenia, ACDI VOCA, Project Harmony, IREX, World Bank, AMCHAM, OSCE, Swiss Cooperation and Development Office, Cambridge-Yerevan Sister Association, etc. 
Within the project Armenian Marketing Association, International Center for Trade Policy and Law of Georgia and Azerbaijan Marketing Society have significantly increased the number of their members. Particularly, marketers from regions of Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan were involved. And it was very important and valuable as the lowest levels of using marketing technologies had been always registered in regional areas.

As a result of "South Caucasian Export Catalog" and joint efforts of companies from three countries that produce similar products the levels of competition increased as well as an opportunity to introduce themselves more competitive in developed countries appeared. Within two or three years after project's implementation, through the development of mechanisms of interaction between regional companies, it has become possible to create many joint ventures.

The project team:

Aram Navasardyan - co-director
Bagrat Harutyunyan - coordinator
Anastasia Chuprova-  coordinator
Gayane Khachatryan -  accountant
Janna Yeremyan - designer
Artak Aloyan - coordinator and translator