Exhibitions and presentations

Armenian Marketing Association is engaged in preparation and implementation of events and exhibitions to promote a company, product or service.

Among such projects are:
1. Industrial exhibition EXPO - Russia-Armenia

The purpose of the exhibition is to develop economic, scientific, technological, cultural and political cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia as well as establishment and strengthening of connections between the countries, development of joint business, trade, economic and investment relations.
Business program «Expo-Russia Armenia» was very intense: international conference "Russia-Armenia: the prospects for economic cooperation", round tables and business meetings. The guests and participants were greatly interested in the presentation of Russian special economic zones. Armenian-Russian economic cooperation results in 2008 were summed up during the conference.  The prospects for the future were defined. Ceremonial awarding medals "For economic cooperation: Russia - Armenia" also took place.

At the exhibition Armenian Marketing Association represented Armenia Export Catalog, Business Directory of organizations of Armenia and other of its projects.
2. Presentation of main results of studies within Eurasian Monitor "The perception of the population of new independent states in the history of Soviet and post-Soviet period".

Basis for "Eurasian Monitor" are regular (every 6 months) synchronized polls in post-Soviet countries with a single tool (questionnaire). In each of the participating countries polls are conducted according to nationwide representative sample (1100-2000 people). Project's joint multi-country operator is "Eurasian Monitor" non-profit partnership.
Surveys within EM are provided by:

1) Azerbaijan - International Center for Social Studies (Baku)
2) Armenia - Armenian Marketing Association NGO (Yerevan)
3) Belarus - Sociological Laboratory "Novak" (Minsk)
4) Georgia - Institute of Social Research and Analysis (Tbilisi)
5) Kazakhstan - Institute for Comparative Social Research CESSI-Kazakhstan (Astana), Center for Social and Political Studies "Strategy" (Alma-aty);
6) Kyrgyzstan - Center for Study of Public Opinion E-Pikir (Bishkek)
7) Latvia - SKDS (Riga)
8) Lithuania - UAB «Baltijos Tyrimai» / Baltic Surveys (Vilnius)
9) Moldova Company CBS-AXA Ltd (Chisinau)
10) Russia - Russian Public Opinion Research Center - WCIOM (Moscow)
11) Tajikistan - Center for Social and Political Studies "Korshinos" (Dushanbe)
12) Uzbekistan - Company Expert Fikri (Tashkent)
13) Ukraine - Company "Research & Branding Group" (Kiev)
14) Estonia - The company Saar Poll (Tallinn)

Toolkit surveys and data analysis are provided by ZIRCON research group (Moscow)

Other related projects:
* Organizing and conducting presentations for Armenian representation of Japanese corporations Riso Kagaku (production of risographs)
* Presentation of research results for "The role of small and medium businesses in the development of society"

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