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Themed Events

This Department organizes special events including conferences, seminars, press conferences, etc. The  following projects have been implemented by the Department.

* Organization of conferences and seminars on "Small and medium business in Armenia and the USA"
* Organizing and conducting seminars on "Fundamentals of Marketing and PR" and "Organization of marketing services"
* Organizing and conducting international conference of Eurasian monitor on "The development of cross-national public opinion surveys in post-Soviet states"

The conference of Eurasian Monitor was initiated by non-profit partnership «Eurasian Monitor» (www.eurasiamonitor.org) and Armenian Marketing Association. The event presented the results of sociological research, held in concert in 14 countries of the former USSR. Vital  problems inherent in a country's economic, political, social sphere were discussed. In addition, participants had the opportunity to become acquainted with activities of foreign research organizations, their representatives, and various projects.
The international conference was attended by 12 organizations, including:
1. Sociological Laboratory "NOVAK" - Minsk, Belarus;
2. Institute for Comparative Social Research «CESSI-Kazakhstan» - Kazakhstan, Astana;
3. Center "Strategy" - Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata;
4. All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center "WCIOM" - Russia, Moscow;
5. The Study Group "Zircon" - Russia, Moscow;
6. Center for the Study of Public Opinion «El-Pikir» - Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek;
7. Company «CBS-AXA Ltd» - Moldova, Chisinau;
8. Company SKDS - Latvia, Riga;
9. Center «Expert Fikri» - Tashkent, Uzbekistan;
10. Armenian Marketing Association - Yerevan, Armenia.

Other projects