"On the bank of Arax"
One of the projects of Armenian Marketing Association in cooperation with Turkish-Armenian Business Development Council is the documentary "On the bank of Arax". This multi-year project was sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Armenia. The work at the film lasted for almost half a year - from February 2008 to August 2009. The creators of the film define its genre as an experimental documentary film with elements of feature film. The film's director is Gevorg Nazarian.

Arax River is the largest river of the Armenian highlands. It starts outside the former Soviet Armenia in the mountains of Byurakan. For a considerable extent river's flow passes along the borders of Armenia and Turkey. Arax has its own history, as well as the residents who live on its both sides. Therefore, the purpose of the film was lighting the lives of people living in border areas, their common problems and happiness. The filmmakers set out to trace the development of ties between peoples and tried to understand what the river Arax means for them.

The premiere of Gevorg Nazarian's film "On the bank of Arax" was held on November 10, 2009 in Yerevan. The official premiere in Turkey took place on December 10-12. The film, according to the director Gevorg Nazarian, tells of the lives of people living on different sides of the river Arax: "I've got great pleasure from the traces of Armenian culture, cross-stones and churches that we saw on the banks of the Arax. And I am glad that I can share with you what I saw." The plot of the film is as follows: Turkish engineers plan to build the reservoir on the bank of the Arax and address queries to the Armenian side. Between the Turkish engineer Aras and Armenian engineer Tamar fasten warm relationship through which each of them trys to get to know the country located on the opposite bank of the Arax.

Filming took place in several stages; the episodes were filmed in Turkey and Armenia. In the first two visits Armenian film crew visited the villages in Kharkiv and Yervandashat. Total number of such trips had been planned about 10 - during the August-September 2008. Among the filming locations appears the legendary Khor Virap and Margara bridge linking Armenia with Turkey. Later similar filming began in Turkey. Film footage told the audience about the life of border areas along the river on the Turkish side. Later footage of the Armenian and Turkish counterparts was joined to the film and translated into three languages: Armenian, Turkish and English.
The film will also be provided to the Armenian TV channels for free. The film has become one of the first attempts for beginning cultural cooperation between Armenia and Turkey.

The main task of the film, according to the president of the Armenian Marketing Association Aram Navasardyan, was to show today's Armenia to Turkey and vice versa. The film raises a number of relevant issues related both to the environment and to opening the Armenian-Turkish border. Common people living in border areas of both states share their opinions with audience.
Co-chairman of the Council of Armenian-Turkish relations Serdar Dinler was invited to the presentation of the  film. He expressed satisfaction with the number of people came to the hall and at the same time announced the forthcoming premiere of the film in Turkey. Contradictory opinions sounded in the hall after watching the film. Some people expressed their gratitude to the authors of the film for the good job and ability to establish favorable relations between the two countries. Others noted that the film is humiliating for Armenian side.

So, the film is a joint activity and a step towards establishment of business and cultural relations between Armenian and Turkish societies.