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Other trainings

Since 2002 Armenian Marketing Association conducts various training programs. In addition to WIFI, NIMA  and MDC Association implements a number of other trainings on marketing, management, corporate culture, corporate law, corporate responsibility, such as:

• Corporate trainings
• Short courses
• Staff retraining
• Seminars on marketing and other topics
• Workshops
• Master Classes
• Briefing
• Coaching

Currently more and more companies recognize importance and necessity professional training (particularly, in the form of corporate seminars and training sessions) and are willing to invest in human resource development. This "human factor"  has a great influence on the success and profitability of company or organization.

Who are these courses for?
Trainings offered by Armenian Marketing Association are conducted for companies and individuals seeking to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. Our courses are specially worked out and adapted training programs that meet all modern requirements of market.
The purpose of the trainings:
By implementing these programs the Association seeks to assist Armenian firms to operate productively, to hold leading positions in the market, to meet European standards for doing business and achieve personal performance of each employee.
Armenian Marketing Association can help you improve the efficiency of your company with the help of special training sessions, seminars, short professional courses, coaching and other training programs. In addition to the existing training programs, the Association develops individual programs based on features and demands of company.

In order to get the necessary training for your company you should fill out the application below.

For more information please contact us:
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