What it means to be a member of AMA

Аssociation's members may be individuals or legal entities (associated members) who undertake to abide by the Charter of Armenian Marketing Association, regularly pay membership contributions 1  and participate in the activities of the Association.
As a member of the Armenian Marketing Association you have the extra features and some advantages, which are as follows:
• You can receive discounts on services provided by the Association (consultations, studies, etc.)
• You have the opportunity to get discounts on training programs conducted by the Association (10-20%)
• You regularly get Association's mailings
• You have free access to the library and resources of the Association
• You can freely use the information which the Association possesses
• You can easily find a partner, a customer, an executor, consultant and expert
• You can communicate and share experiences with other members of the Association who are specialists in various fields
• You can participate in various discussions, seminars, conferences and other activities undertaken by the Association
• You may add information about yourself or your company on the website of the Association
• You have access to a page of ads for posting information at the site of the Association
• You can ask to review any project concerning the activities of the Association
• You get informational, methodological, technical and legal support
Also, companies can become associated members in the case of membership in the Association of two or more of their representatives. Associated Members have the right to benefit from lower tariffs, but membership contributions are being  conserved.


1 In some cases, any professional services may be provided to the Association  instead of  membership contribution (site administration, programming, interviews, etc.).