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Membership at Gallup International

Monday, 16 May 2011 11:12

MPG has become the official representative of the Gallup International!

MPG, which is the consulting partner of Armenian Marketing Association, has become the official representative of one of the most respected Associations for Public Opinion research - Gallup International.



Voting on the confirmation of membership of MPG was held on May 4 at the Gallup Conference at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Moscow. The conference was attended by representatives of 66 world's largest marketing and sociological research centers. MPG in conjunction with Gallup International has already outlined the main activities related to the implementation of joint programs and projects. Membership in such prestigious and world-renowned organizations as Gallup International opens new horizons for the marketing and sociological research not only in Armenia but also in the Transcaucasian region. 

Armenian Marketing Association congratulates MPG on membership at Gallup International and expresses its readiness to cooperate within new interesting and promising projects!


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