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Round table within "Kotler Event in Armenia"!

Friday, 09 September 2011 00:00

On 6-th September Armenian Marketing Association and «Kotler Impact» organized a roundtable on "Current issues of marketing in Armenia" which was attended by the president of «Kotler Impact» Fahim Kibria and a number of leading Armenian professionals in the field of marketing.


Mr. Kibriya said that he did not see marketing here because marketing is not what we see on television. Marketing is a long-term program learning of which depends on us. "The meaning of marketing is to meet the needs and desires of consumers."

  Mr Kibriya also noted that the book by Ph. Kotler on marketing will be translated into Armenian by the next year and will be available for everyone.

  At the meeting Fahim Kibria introduced the features and trends of modern marketing in the international market. The roundtable participants also discussed the specifics of implementation of modern marketing communications and technologies in Armenia.