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10th NIMA Marketing-A training is on

Wednesday, 05 September 2012 12:05

Armenian Marketing Association announces the 10th set for the course "Marketing NIMA-A".

In cooperation with the Netherlands Institute of Marketing (NIMA) (www.nima.nl) and Education and Training Centre of Netherlands (www.etcn.nl). Armenian Marketing Association became the official and exclusive partner of ETCN (http://www.etcn.nl / partners_international.html) and won the right to conduct training programs accredited by NIMA and the European Marketing Confederation (www.emc.be). These training courses are interactive sessions, where knowledge and experience of participants is taken into account. One of the important features is that the trainees upon graduation possess not only theoretical knowledge but practical skills in planning and implementing marketing programs and objectives. After these training courses students can apply their knowledge of modern marketing methods in their everyday work to increase the competitiveness of the organization, its profitability and maintain customer loyalty.

In the case of completion of the course and successfully passing the examination, participants will receive: 
- Diploma of qualified expert on marketing ("Marketing NIMA-A") by Netherlands Institute of Marketing accredited by the European Marketing Confederation–in English (www.emc.be);
- Diploma of European Marketing Confederation for EMQF level (European Marketing Qualification Framework); 
- Certificate of Armenian Marketing Association.
Classes begin in October 2012. Training will be held on weekdays (after 18.30) 3 times a week for 2-3 hours. In addition to the main course, there is an additional 12 hours for consultation with teachers, preparing for exams and other useful activities. 
The program is open to 15 participants.