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The 6th WIFI program is on

Thursday, 18 October 2012 10:38

Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (http://www.wifi.at/ikt) together with Armenian Marketing Association (www.armenianmarketing.com) launches the 6th WIFI program.

In 2007 Armenian Marketing Association signed an exclusive agreement with Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WIFI), which is considered to strengthen armenian-austrian business relationships.

The program is considered for entrepreneurs and managers. It includes a training Program of Courses on Marketing, Management, Finance and Logistics as well as a Business/Study Tour to Austria.

The program contains 3 main stages:

Stage 1. Intensive trainings

There are considered to be short-term intensive trainings for the participants by a well-known and highly qualified business trainer invited from Austria. The duration of the training is 40 hours. The aim of the training is to receive additional information about the economy of Austria, as well as to refresh the participants’ knowledge concerning the following topics:

1. Marketing                                                                        3. Finance

2. Logistics                                                                           4. Management

The participants will be given a Certificate of Austrian Federal Economic Chamber at the end of the program. 

Stage 2. Choosing potential partners

At this stage Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, regarding all the aims and demands of the participants, chooses 4-5 potential partners, who are also interested in meeting and discussing the possible projects for cooperation.

Stage 3. Business trip to Austria

Armenian Marketing Association and WIFI organize a business visit to Austria for a week, during which all the participants have the opportunity to meet the chosen companies as well as to participate in a business forum, where there will also be a chance to approve the business relationships. The visits and meetings in Austria are in Vienne, Wels, Salzburg.

Conditions and fee

The participant has to correspond to the following conditions:

be a middle or high level manager or a director in an existing company in Armenia

speak Armenian and Russian languages fluently

be older than 24 years.

The participation fee is 990.000 RA drams. All the logistic expenses and other works are included in the fee, especially the organization and implementation of the high-class trainings in Armenia, the price for the tickets and VISA, a stay in 3 or 4 star hotel in Austria, two meals a day, transport expenses (personal and group), interpretation matters, as well an interesting cultural program. In order to get a schengen VISA Armenian Marketing Association organizes an official invitation from Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

Armenian Marketing Association has signed an agreement with “Sensei” Marketing Academy, according to which the latter runs and solves all the organization problems concerning this program. For further questions please contact Ani Hunanyan (093 525 525) and Louisa Takhounts (091 55 00 54).