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New Armenian-Turkish project

Sunday, 23 December 2012 00:00

Within the framework of the program Armenian Marketing Association and Corporate Social Responsibility of Turkey organized  a press conference and exhibition, which was held in Yerevan and Istambul in December 2012.

The exhibition was held in Yerevan in Zeitun cultural center on 14-16 December, 2012. More than 270 participants attended the exhibition. Besides the exhibition AMA organized “Araqs bank” movie watch with the support of Zeitun cultural center in order to support Armenian and Turkish relationship.

In 18-20 December, 2013 Kadir Has University organized a three-day exhibition in Istambul, where the students and other stakeholders  had the opportunity to see, look and think about Armenian and Turkish relationship. A number of journalists were also presented during the exhibition.

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