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Armenian Marketing Association for the period of its existence has accumulated a great experience to characterizing events occurring at different consumer markets.Association's partners are private companies, businesses, factories, international research centers, international organizations and embassies operating in Armenia,civil society organizations, as well as governmental bodies and ministries. Eeach year the number of partners of the Association increases which means that it copes with its responsibilities and leaves only positive experience of cooperation.

Working in the market of marketing services for over 9 years, the Association has got a reputation of a reliable, responsible and trustworthy partner not only in Armenia but also in other countries such as USA, Russia, Austria, Netherlands, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan. and many other countries.

So, the partners of Armenian Marketing Association are such respectable world-known companies and organizations as:

  • WCIOM-Russian Public Opinion Research Center
  • Romir research holding
  • ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Market Research )
  • Kotler Impact
  • Gallup International
  • Marketing Association of Russia
  • Corporate Social Responsibility of Armenia
  • Corporate Social Responsibility of Turkey
  • Cambridge Yerevan Sister City Association (Boston)
  • IREX
  • Educational Center of Netherlands (ETCN)
  • Netherlands Institute of Marketing (NIMA)
  • Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WIFI)
  • MDC Finland
  • Sensei Marketing Academy
  • Editorial boards of "Marketer" and "PR in Russia"
  • The Willard Group (Ukraine)
  • Eurocommission Delegation
  • Food Provision Project
  • Marketing Professional Group
  • ULTEX Market Research (Moscow)
  • ProSME
  • Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)
  • INTERNEWS Media Support NGO
  • ProMEDIA
  • Oxford Committee for Famine Relief (OXFAM)
  • German Marshall Fund
  • World Bank
  • Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
  • Swiss Cooperation and Development Office
  • OSCE
  • DHL
  • Image Land
  • International Center for Trade Policy and Law of Georgia
  • Azerbaijan Marketing Society
  • Armenian Development Agency
  • Chamber of Commerce of Armenia
  • Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia
  • National Center for Small and Medium Business Development
  • Russian Embassy in Armenia
  • US Embassy in Armenia
  • US State Department for Education and Culture
  • Turkish-Armenian business development Council
  • International Accountancy Training Centre
  • World learning