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Development Programs and Grants

Armenia Export Catalog

The project "Armenia Export Catalog" (www.aec.am) was first conceived and implemented in 2002 and continues to be issued for 8 years. To date, the Association has implemented 4 projects:
  • Armenia Export Catalog 
  • Armenia Export Catalog 2003-2004 
  • Armenia Export Catalog 2005-2006 
  • Armenia Export Catalog 2008 
For each company listed in the catalog is collected, processed and presented information about its products or services with an indication of specificity, certificates, conditions of supply and transport, availability of experience of export operations, etc. In addition, the Catalog includes economic information unit, which shows the development and current status of the Armenian economy, banking system, customs and tax control of export-import relations.
Armenia Export Catalog has established itself as a popular and effective project with great success not only within our country but also abroad. As a result, the majority of listed companies now export their products to different countries, creating a business relationship between the internal and external markets.

South Caucasian Export Catalog

The positive dynamics recorded by the "Armenia Export Catalog" (increase in the number of included companies, significant increase in circulation, expanding the geography of distribution, the high demand for the directory) became the basis for a new  project " South Caucasian Export Catalog» (www.scecatalog .org).
In this project, in addition to Armenia, Georgia (ICTPL) and Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan Marketing Society) are included. The Catalog includes about 300 companies withexport potential. The  web-site is www.scecatalog.org . Publications were distributed in 100 countries.
Through the project "South Caucasian Export Catalog"  and with the joint efforts of companies of the three countries that produce similar products, increased the level of competition between them, as well as an opportunity to introduce themselves more competitive in the markets of developed countries. Within two or three years after project implementation, through the development of mechanisms of interaction between regional companies, it became possible to create many joint ventures.
Transparency of government information
Armenian Marketing Association, with assistance from the U.S. Embassy in Armenia, implemented the project "Transparency in government information" under which the Association jointly with IREX and the IATP has developed a web resource of ministries and agencies. Under this project, the Association held a training «PR and online communications» for professionals working in the information department of the Ministry, and also conducted training of web designers and programmers.