Publishing activities

This Department is a mobile mini-printing house of the Association. It is mostly focused on publication of:
• "Armenia Export Catalog 2002"
• "Armenia Export Catalog 2003-2004"
• "Armenia Export Catalog 2005-2006"
• "Armenia Export Catalog 2008"
"South Caucasian Export Catalog" 

Production of various promotional materials and brochures realizes here. The Department issues promotional and information materials through which we highlight the country's investment climate and business opportunities. Also, this Department prepares and places information at web-resources, which are aimed at development of business culture, institute of marketing and marketing communications.

In addition, our documentary films are shooted here including our film "On the bank of Arax" (in cooperation with the Turkish-Armenian Business Development Council). This was a multi-year project sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in Armenia. The plot of the movie is as follows: Turkish engineers are going to build a dam on the river Arax and ask questions to the Armenian side. Between the Turkish and Armenian engineers Aras and Tamar fastened warm relationship through which each of them trys to get to know the country located on the opposite bank of the Arax River.
In the first two visits Armenian film crew visited the villages Kharkiv and Yervandashat. Total number of trips for the filming was scheduled for about 10 - during August-September 2008. Among the filming locations were listed Virap legendary chorus and bridge Margara, directly linking Armenia and Turkey. Later similar survey began in Turkey. Film footage showed the audience the life of border areas, located on the river with the Turkish side. Later, footage of the Armenian and Turkish counterparts was joined in one film translated into three languages: Armenian, Turkish and English. Presentation of the film took place in Armenia and Turkey.

In addition, activities of this Department are:
• Promotional materials
• Brochures
• Advertising Information Books

• Informational web-resources (,