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Armenian Marketing Association in cooperation with Netherlands Institute of Marketing (NIMA) and Educational and Training Centre of Netherlands (ETCN) became an official partner of ETCN and won the right to conduct training programs accredited by NIMA and the European Marketing Confederation.
NIMA program corresponds to EQF [1] (European Qualification Framework) developed under the Copenhagen and Bologna processes, as well EMQF [2] (European Marketing Qualification Framework) developed in collaboration with the European Marketing Confederation.
For 5 years ETCN conducts high-quality training programs on marketing in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Georgia. More
This program is worked out for beginners who want to get the basic theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of marketing. The program NIMA-A may be attended by specialists of marketing departments, as well as adjacent areas with a minimum work experience of six months.

NIMA-B is aimed at the managers of marketing departments. This is a program on managing the channels of promotion and brand development, planning, complex integrated communications, management, advertising, PR, branding and media planning. The course examines market research, analysis, target audience, assess the effectiveness of communication channels to achieve marketing and business objectives in sales and promotion of the product /service.
In cooperation with the Institute for Promotion of Development Economics Austrian Federal Economic Chamber - WIFI (http://www.wifi.at/ikt), Armenian Marketing Association organizes a joint training program of professional training of entrepreneurs and managers. More


Other trainings
• Corporate trainings
• Short-term courses on marketing
• Retraining and coaching
These trainings and courses are worked out for companies and individuals wishing to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. Trainings and courses of the Armenian Marketing Association are a specially designed and adapted educational program that fits and meets all modern requirements of the market. With these programs the Association seeks to assist Armenian enterprises to operate efficiently, hold leading market positions and meet European standards of doing business. More

[1] EQF (European Qualifications Framework) is dedicated to the needs of vocational education. The EQF was developed under the Copenhagen and Bologna Processes.
[2] EMQF (European Marketing Qualification Framework) is developed by the European Marketing Confederation together with the EU and the European Sector Organization.